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ICON Films

A website for a production company focused in making commercials and movies, showcasing their work, partners, and services through innovative design.
iMac Pro, iPad and iPhone mockups showing a project of Cordego Agency, which is IconFilms website's home page on bright orange background
Macbook showing home page of Sandra Food Studio website, the banner photo shows delicious food, black iPhone 14 PRO mockup shows mobile version of Sandra's website, background is transparent

Sandra Food Stylist

This website is dedicated to the world of food styling. It offers a showcase of food styling portfolios, in-depth articles on the principles and techniques of food styling and photographs.


This website is a design service agency that offers creative solutions for businesses and individuals. It showcases their portfolio, services offered, and contact information.
black Mac mockup showing Gospodinov website home page, black iPhone showing Gospodinov spotify account
Macbook screen showing Mirena photography website on a baby blue background

Mirena Photography

This website provides photography services for weddings, wardrobe & styling shoots, fine art kids events. Clients can view the portfolio, pricing, and book appointments online.

Zagora Machining

This website offers machining services for industrial applications. It showcases their capabilities, equipment, and materials they work with.
Three Mac's screens showing pages of Zagora website, the background is light blue

“Working with you guys is so easy and enjoyable! You’ve been very communicative and quick in completing my project!”

Portrait of the young woman Erika Marin, client, CEO of RizeupIV, wearing glasses and a blue shirt - Testimonials Cordego Ltd.
Erika Marin
CEO RizeupIV
Infinite logo, white and deep purple circle, transparent background
Light purple background colour, Infinite logo has one white and one deep purple circle, 100% Natural products are shown next to the logo
Zagora logo, text is red colour, transparent background
Zagora logo text is in red colour, merchandising products on grey background
Trainee logo, text is in red colour, transparent background
iPhone mock-ups showing different pages of Trainee app
Hendrick's Design logo, text is in black colour, transparent background
Hendrick's design logo on black background
Create IT logo, text is in mint green and black colour, atomic shape in black colour next to the text, transparent background
Create IT logo, stationery scene, main colours black and white

UX/UI Solutions

Investing in UX/UI services is crucial for any business that wants to create a successful online presence. A good UX/UI design can help improve the user experience, increase conversions, enhance your brand image and give you a competitive advantage.

A well-designed and user-friendly website or application can help build trust with your customers, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction with your brand. It can also lead to more sales, sign-ups, and other desired actions, ultimately helping you achieve your business goals.

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